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The Secret of Trust

A shrill alarm turned their heads toward the floating screen. Dr. Jen raced in, quickly reading the alert report. “We need more atoms to make the serum stronger!”

Luke’s face lit as he eyed the manual page in his hand. He asked, “Would the answer to the second clue help?” Luke grabbed Dr. Ben as he entered. “A blinding light allowed him to see… doesn’t that sound like this Saul story?”

Dr. Ben pulled the Inspire Lens from its secure casing. “Well, let’s find out, shall we?” Dr. Ben gently rested the lens on Luke’s palm. He could see Luke was afraid to touch it. “Don’t worry Luke. I trust you.”

Could TRUST be another clue to the cure? What did a guy named Saul have to do with it? Will people ever trust Saul again? Can trust be earned? How could this help solve the problem of Corruption?

Join the Junior Scientists as they discover the secrets to creating a molecule of INTEGRITY. Look for answers from one of the oldest books in history.

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