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The Secret of Honour

“You can’t possibly work in this storm,” Tayla declared. “Why not tell the agency it’s impossible and take the night off?”

Dr. Ben shook his head, “Because difficult does not mean impossible, Tayla. A great deal has been entrusted to this team. We must honour that with our best efforts.”

Luke sighed, “What does honour have to do with working in the dark?” Dr. Jen smiled, seeing the swelling glow of the ancient page before her. The children gasped as the Inspire Lens revealed a fearsome giant breaking through the clouds, his fury as dark and powerful as the storm!

Sammy swallowed nervously, “I’ve got a feeling we’re about to see why…”

Who were the scientists about to meet? Will they be alright? What happens if they choose not to give HONOUR? Will this have something to do with finding a cure for Corruption?

Help the scientists discover the fourth atom in creating the molecule of INTEGRITY. Continue searching for answers from one of the oldest books in history.

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