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The Secret of Dignity

Dr. Jen paused, troubled by Tayla’s words. She walked over to the ancient manual, searching the pages until her eyes caught on one page in particular. “Ben, is the lens ready for use?”

Dr. Ben gave a reluctant nod, “It could use a little time to settle, but it’s functional.”

Dr. Jen led Tayla over to Dr. Ben. “I tested the Inspire Lens on this page earlier, but I think it’s worth another look.” Tayla furrowed her brow, watching the lens quiver as one glowing name lifted off the page and high into the air…

Who will the Inspire Lens reveal as the next person to give us a clue toward an antidote? How could a story about a lady possibly be helpful? Will DIGNITY be part of the overall cure? Why is it, that when DIGNITY is present, people treat each other with respect?

Join Dr. Ben and Dr. Jen as they discover the secrets to creating a molecule of INTEGRITY. Look for answers from one of the oldest books in history.

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