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The Secret of Authenticity

As Dr. Jen plucked the atom out, a thin wisp of smoke peeled off of its surface. Before she could place it inside the test tube, the sound of a pounding gavel filled the room. The team turned to see a group of men in elaborate robes scowling at them, “Who do you think you are?!”

The team stood frozen as the imposing men surrounded them. Wherever they were, they were certainly not welcome!

How could these rude men be part of the remaining answer for a cure? Can we learn from their bad behaviour? Can bacteria do both harm and good? Do we need to take responsibility for our own hearts? Will we need the vaccine too?

Help the scientists discover the final secret in creating the molecule of INTEGRITY. To live with AUTHENTICITY, we all need a change of heart. No matter where life leads, we will always be a team - changing the world one heart at a time.

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