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Teacher's Manual

A super virus called CORRUPTION threatens the entire world population!

In a dramatic response, the Global Health Agency recruits two of the world’s top scientists to lead a special research project. Dr. Ben A. Fit and Dr. Jen R. Us are up for the task and quickly gather a team of Junior Scientists to join them in this critical juncture in time. The team sets out to discover a cure under the code name… INTEGRITY.

Will Dr. Ben’s Inspire Lens be the key to finding the antidote? Who are the six historical figures holding the clues to making INTEGRITY? How can the team be sure to find them? Will they be too late?

Join Dr. Ben and Dr. Jen as they discover the secrets to creating a molecule of INTEGRITY. Become part of the team, looking for answers from one of the oldest books in history.

Act now! The virus corrupting the world is rapidly spreading. If we’re going to save humanity, we must unlock the keys to the cure!

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Teachers Manual

Teacher's Manual

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