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Teaching the importance of Integrity for Children

Commissioning a Lifestyle of Integrity (cli) believes that a part of the solution to corruption must be preventative. What if we were to train and reward integrity rather than focus on deterrents for corruption? What if we dedicated significant efforts to the development of good character? The Code Name Integrity program is a proactive approach, equipping children to live with integrity.

This course includes six lessons with workbooks, videos and a teachers manual. We believe that the formation of personal character occurs best within a community. When behaviour is encouraged at the relationship level and reinforced by repeated personal choices, it becomes a lifestyle. Code Name Integrity takes place in a group setting. The participants are given good information which is moved to application through integrity exercises. The course is great for Sunday schools, small studies, VBS, kid's clubs, homeschooling, etc. Children will learn about Influence, Trust. Dignity, Honour, Truth, and Authenticity. 

Click on the link below to download your free Teacher's Manual.


The Secret of Influence

The Secret of Trust

The Secret of Dignity

The Secret of Honour

The Secret of Truth

The Secret of Authenticity

Teacher's Manual